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Awale, Backgammon and 1 other Game Technology has transformed

From time memorial, man has indulged himself into seeking out ways to improve his living standard. The application of this science into practical purposes is what is termed ‘technology’.

The constant evolution of technology has affected every part of human existence: information is more accessible, we enjoy good roads, better & healthy living. We can also admit that the introduction of some technology has shortened our existence on earth; with the worldwide life expectancy age just lying above 70 years, life is indeed very short.

Games such as Awale are not only there for our entertainment, it also improve family and friendship bonding. These days, we have school and work commitments which make it increasingly difficult to enjoy the thrills that gaming brings. That is where online gaming platforms steps in, providing online gaming platforms where you can play countless games online, with the added benefit of betting.

My business here today is to discuss 3 important games, with historic background that technology has presented us in a platter of gold – playable in your mobile devices at your convenience.


Awale also known as Ókwè, Alancho, Ayoayo, Oware or Ise, has its root in Africa and played worldwide. A common name in English is Awari but one of the earliest Western scholars to study the game, R.S. Rattray, used the name Wari.


The game is considered the national game of the Ashanti kingdom in Ghana; it is also played traditionally in Nigeria, especially in the Igbo-speaking tribes. Known to encourage family bonding, Awale is one on the most social two-player abstract.

Today, Awale can be downloaded and played on your computer and mobile devices. You can find Awale on the Google Playstore or download it on the Apple store.


Backgammon is one of the oldest board games known to man. It goes down to the ages when human bones were used for dice and Emperor Nero and Claudius making a fortune through gambling.



Just before technology stepped in, the church and government banished backgammon because of the gambling aspect of it. However, some Good Samaritan in the 1920s introduced doubling to rekindle interest in the game.

In recent years, backgammon has been studied with great interest by computer scientists. Owing to this research, backgammon software has been developed that is capable of beating world-class human players (see TD-Gammon for an example). More developers are also pushing out backgammon games you can play both on your Android and iOS devices.

You can find backgammon games you can play for free on Android here and here, for iOS.


The Chess game needs no introduction. The game has been around ever since the 6th AD. It’s thought to have originated from India with its modern version (Romantic Era of Chess) characterized by swashbuckling attacks, clever combinations, brash piece sacrifices and dynamic games. Winning was secondary to winning with style.


According to a survey in 2012, “chess players now make up one of the largest communities in the world: 605 million adults play chess regularly”. Chess is played at least once a year by 12% British people, 15% Americans, 23% Germans, 43% Russians, and 70% Indian people.

What’s more? Technology has ensured that the new era of chess can be taking anywhere with you. Thousands of chess games have been developed for both PC and mobile. Even the famous Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate edition comes with the Chess game as one of the pre-packaged system application.

Owing to the modern trend of mobile technology, mobile application developers has delivered by making countless Chess games you can download both on the Android store and Apple store.

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Ebenezer Obasi

Senior executive editor at EwtNet
A web developer, IT undergrad, terrible entrepreneur, internet freak and a man of a few other incongruous talents, Ebenezer has been writing on technology since 2012, and plans to do so until a few days before his ultimate fate: cryogenic preservation. If resurrected, he is likely to go back to writing on technology.

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Awale, Backgammon and 1 other Game Technology has transformed

From time memorial, man has indulged himself into seeking out ways to ...


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