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It’s the Holidays, here are 10 Apps/Movies/Albums on Google play to get to get in the spirit.

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Hey, are you an Android user? Good, because the end-year Holidays are rounding up on us quick, and you need to snap into the spirit! We live in a amazing age where we can set the mood from the power of a small device, in this case your Android. So, with that out of the way let us make like Santa to our list of 10 Apps/Movies/Albums to get on Google Play to help get you “ho-ho-ho’ing” into the spirit of the season.

1) Frosty the Snowman: Holiday Collection (Movies)

Ah, a classic! Fortunate for you this Holiday Seaon, Frosty the Snowman: Holiday Collection is available on the Google Play store. Each episode starts at $9.99 but you can save by getting the entire bundle for $12.99. If you have a Chromecast and you’ll be having a lot of kids around this season, then you should definitely look into this classic set of short-films.

2)Wish – Shopping made Fun (App)

You or someone special to you a fashonista? Then you should definitely check out this Android application conveniently named “Wish.” Their slogan; Shopping made Fun. I personally am using this app (yep, that means an app review to come soon), and so far I can definitely recommend it. It’s focus is letting worldwide customers get constant deals stacked on deals on awesome clothes, accessories, and other fashion items that are sold from vendors around the world. Take my word on it, it is cheap. Perfect to make you some quick “ugly sweater” shopping for X-mas.

3)Christmas Fun (App)

Step one: get some friends. Step two: put on ugly sweaters. Step three: make hot chocolate. Step four: sit down and pull out this game. Step five: ??? = Merry Memories. This newly found app on the Play store is a Christmas oriented piece of work. Developed by SMARTSTUDY, this app is meant to make your Christmas season more fun with songs and activities. It comes with features like 16 Christmas songs with a sing-a-long feature, little seasonal games, and more all accompanied by amazingly cute graphics and animations.

4)Mr. Hankey’s Christmas Classics (Music)

It’s Christmas, and you are wanting some funny sh*t. This album is for you. You will be greeted with a total of 18 songs all across the South Park history of Christmas and Holidays. No doubt that this could help make your office Christmas party less quiet and more fun (no guarantee on how it will effect the status of your job) for everyone!

5)NOW Today’s Christmas (Music)

This album is for those looking to move onto new traditional music for the Holidays. This “NOW” album is a good pick up for a great price ($5.99) that focuses on Christmas music from today’s hottest artist.

6)Betty Crocker Christmas Cookies (Books)

Mmmm..imagine waking up to the smell of delicious, beautiful cookies on Christmas morning – only to find out that Santa had eaten them. Anyways, this book on Google Play Books is filled with Christmas-oriented cookies recipes. Perfect gift for your mom, or yourself if you love to bake!

7)Allrecipes Dinner Spinner (Apps)

Staying on the trend of recipes and cooking (I like to cook in my spare time), next on this list of Holiday Android goods is the Allrecipes (Dinner Spinner) application. Having personal experience with this app, I can definitely recommend it for everyone preparing multiple items for that Christmas dinner, or that New Year’s Eve punch.

8)Hotwire Hotels & Cars (Apps)

This app will be best for those travelling around this Holiday Season. Hotwire helps their users get discounts on great hotel rooms and rental cars. No more stressing over the pre-planning stage of your family Holiday travels!

9)Kids Paint Christmas Cards (Apps)

Kids Paint Christmas Cards is a neat little app that offers a cutesy painting system that your children will love. You can use the replay mode to re-watch your coloring session, and share created cards to friends on social media. There are 60+ templates, so get to it!

10)Amazon (Apps)

And to tie off the list with a fan-favorite: the official amazon app for Android. Download, tap items into your cart, and get those last-minute gifts in quickly and safely.
There, now you have your Christmas and New Year’s Eve setup from your friends at EWTNet! However, this is just our own personal list of recommendations, if you’re looking for more go and check out Google’s Holiday Prep Kit on Google Play! Happy Holidays from EWTNet.
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Jake Brunton is a computer science and IT student, who writes technology and gaming articles for EWTNet, and is the Head of Development and Co-founder of EWTNet.He writes poetry, sings, and enjoys anime in his free time, among other things that are modestly enjoyable.

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