Shopping Cart for Blogger Using Google Checkout

Shopping Cart for Blogger Using Google Checkout

This is one thing I and other bloggers who want to be selling their products online via their blog has been waiting for. The Google Checkout shopping cart uses CSS and JavaScript to enable you to quickly add shopping cart functionality to your blog. Your customers can add items to the cart and then complete purchases through Google Checkout.
The next steps will see you start selling your products on your blog.

Firstly, you need to signup or login to your google account

  • While you are still logged in your google account signup for google checkout.
  • A page like this will appear

Choose your the First Option, enter your email address and password and click sign in and continue

  • Fill your personal and business information, tick the box and click complete sign up

Now we are almost there, I’m going to show you how you can start running the cart on your blog.

Now that we have setup our shopping cart is time to get it working on our blog, follow the simple steps below:
Note: Shopping cart can be installed to your blog post or pages, whichever way it works perfectly.
  •  Create a new post/page
  • Copy and paste this code just below your post. 

Now replace the Following: with your image url
Elites Gold with the name of your product
Price: $12.99 with the price of your product
Shipping: $4.99 with the shipping price of your product
801947958809860 with your merchant id
If you did the above correctly, then you are good to go!
Note: This post is open for suggestion and complaints.

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