Airtel ExtaCredit – How to Borrow Airtime Credit from your Network Provider

Airtel ExtaCredit – How to Borrow Airtime Credit from your Network Provider

Did your car just break down in the middle of no-where?

Your airtime balance is reading N0.0 or have you used your last Kobo to say farewell to the girl you dropped off?

You don’t have to remain stranded. Nigerian leading network providers such as Airtel, Glo & MTN has ganged up together to ensure that you don’t end that conversation without saying “goodbye”.

In this post Ewtnet staff takes you a step further on how to take advantage of what was formally known as Airtel Talktime.

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How it works?

The now Airtel ExtraCredit is a value added service that allows it’s active subscribers to borrow airtime credit from Airtel and pay back later. Below, we will consider some conditions for participating in the Airtel ExtraCredit.

  • You will be charged 10% of every amount you borrow (i.e N5 from every N50 you loan from Airtel). e.g: A fee of N20 is deducted from N200 worth ExtraCredit.
  • You must recharge a minimum of 5 times per month.
  • You are giving a payback date of which you must pay back  to reignite your eligible status.
  • You must be an active Airtel subscriber for at least three months with an average airtime usage of N250/Month.
Table for Airtime ExtraCredit Criteria & Codes
ExtraCredit (N)Min. Sim DuratiomAverage Airtime Spent Per Month (N)Activation CodeAmount Charged (N)
503 Months250 *500*50#5
1004 Months250 *500*100#10
2006 Months1000 *500*200#20
5006 Months2500 *500*500#50

Note: You cannot borrow another airtime until you pay back your outstanding loans

To start borrowing airtime now, simply dial *500#

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