MTN Xtra Time – How to Borrow Airtime Credit from your Network Provider

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MTN Xtra Time – How to Borrow Airtime Credit from your Network Provider

Did your car just break down in the middle of no-where?

Your airtime balance is reading N0.0 or have you used your last Kobo to say farewell to the girl you dropped off?

You don’t have to remain stranded. Nigerian leading network providers such as Airtel, Glo & MTN has ganged up together to ensure that you don’t end that conversation without saying “goodbye”.

In this post I will show you how to exceed your talk time limitation and pay later with MTN Xtra Time.

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The MTN Xtra Time is a value added service that enables ‘eligible’ subscribers to borrow airtime credit from MTN network. Apart from the N5 (10%) fees paid for each N50 you borrow, this service is completely free and does not apply any extra subscription or hidden charges to your SIM.

How it works?

The rules of MTN Xrta Time are quite simple. First off, you need to be an active subscriber for nothing less than 3 months with an average airtime usage of at least, N500 per month.
  • Your airtime balance must be less than or equal to N12 before you can request for an extra time.
  • You will be charged 10% of every amount you borrow (i.e N5 from every N50 you loan from MTN).
  • If you have a negative credit balance (e.g –N50), corresponding amount will be deducted on your next recharge.
To start loaning from MTN or check your eligibility status, simply dial *606# and follow the menu options.

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