How to remove ‘powered by Oxwall’ Legally.

How to remove ‘powered by Oxwall’ Legally.

“That’s exactly what I described as ungrounded anti-competitive fears. It takes years of building and maintaining real community to understand that software is only start and real commitment can’t be “cloned”. If you are good at establishing your community people will not run to someone who installs the same piece of  software.
Software is overrated. It should be “invisible” to users. Community building strategy is often mistakenly an afterthought. You should first be able to make people want to stay with you for some good reason and then choose software that suits your needs.”

This was the reply of an Oxwall admin to an oxwall developer who wanted to remove the oxwall attribution link from his site for fear of competitors. I totally agree with the oxwall admin and I would like to ask you why you want to remove the oxwall attribution link.

Though it is strictly against the oxwall policy to remove the attribution link from your site but they are lenient enough to grant users a chance of donating $50 to remove the link legally.

Today i’m going to show you how to remove the link without violating their policy.

  • Read oxwall official position.
  •  Donate $50 USD
  •  Login to your cpanel/ftp
  •  Locate /ow_themes
  • Open your current theme folder
  • Open master_pages
  • Edit dndindex.html -Find and delete this code:             <div class=”ow_copyright”>
                    {text key=’base+copyright’}
  • Save.
  • Still on master_pages
  • Edit general.html -Find and delete this code:             <div class=”ow_copyright”>
                    {text key=’base+copyright’}
  • Save the code.

Please note that you need to enable dev_mod before your changes will reflect.

I believe the logo is really at the perfect spot and doesn’t pose any problems and  hell, I wouldn’t want to remove it even if I could! you should be proud to use Oxwall software and have the badge there – it’s unobtrusive anyway!

I’ve recommended Oxwall to countless people and will continue to do so!

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